My journey to this point

My name is Phillip, I first took an interest to media and to manipulate them. All the way back around the year 2002, where I played around with the colors on sprites from various games I played in paint. As time moved on I tried photoshop for the first time, when I briefly interned at a webdesign corporation.
After that experience I took an interest in coding, so I applied to HTX in Hilleroed with a focus on Math and IT. By the time the third year rolled around I realized, that the coding course were not the greatest, yet I remained optimistic and started looking for places with more focus on coding in the future.

In that same year I elevated english to its advanced course, partly due to the increased need for english in my daily life and partly because of the global market. When I graduated, I was quite tired of studying and exams. Never the less I decided to apply to a university.
I had yet to pin down an exact topic to specialize in, I just knew it was going to be in the field of IT. Which I admit is sorta like saying: "I don´t know, where I want to go on a vacation. I just know its going to be on earth." So I thought it would be smart to take a general IT course, which the Danish Technological University had available.

During my time in the course, I just sorta drifted around. Normally just getting by, I can´t say I was tired of the coding aspect, but I was tired of everything else and craving to work with media like I had in the early days.
So when the sixth semester came up and I could apply for subjects outside my course, I jumped upon the most media looking course I could find. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed to find, that it was merely how to code a program to picture using lines. By this point I was beaten, so I dropped out.

Trying to find something where I could focus on the social aspect of myself without the pressure of the academic aspect.
I found Vallekilde, which I applied to. Now Vallekilde does not give a degree and is mostly about the unity and general relationship you have with the students and teachers there. It is also only a one semester course. I had a great time during my stay and it was a sad departure, when we all had to leave.
However I was still not ready to re-enter school life so to speak. So I started searching for a job, I landed in an employment agency. Where I worked for a couple of years. When I finally decided to return to studying I applied at Cph Business and their multimedia design course. In which this page is part of the exam project.